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Fire Pits Made in America

There are many American companies selling fire pits that are not made in America. It is reasonable to assume that most are made in China. You will find these fire pits online or in big box retail stores such as Walmart or Home Depot or Lowes, some priced well under $100. Why choose a fire pit made in America over one made overseas? There are some very good reasons, the first, of course, is that it feels good to support American craftsmen. The other very good reason is that you will get a fire pit that will last for many years, if not the rest of your life. The imported fire pits may look very appealing with interesting designs and features, but they are typically made of thin steel and may be rusted through in a couple of years. The fire pits shown on this page will be made of very thick and heavy steel. On the other hand, there are also good reasons to buy an import. Two very good reasons for me would be: 1.) I am cheap and 2.) being old and feeble, I really can't lift or deal with a very heavy fire pit.
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S & S Fire Pits


In a small town south of Atlanta Georgia, a guy who knows how to work metal builds himself a sturdy fire pit. It is solid and works great. A good friend wants one. So the two guys set up shop and form a business. They are able to source pressure vessel heads from a nearby company that makes steel pressure tanks. Then it is a matter forming the base, handles, snuffer lids. They get creative with the base, sometimes using a found steel object such as an old tractor gear. And they make sturdy grates for cooking. These fire pits will last "forever." Visit the site and watch the videos. It really is a small town story.
The web site is
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Fire Pit Art


Rick Wittrig learned welding in high school and picked up a lot of knowledge about metalworking in the years that followed. When he and his wife purchased a store-bought fire pit, he realized he could probably build a better one himself. This we learn from an engaging video on the Fire Pit Art web site. What Rick does not fully explain in his video, perhaps out of modesty, is that somewhere along the line he became not just a metal worker, but an artist in the true sense of the word. Not just his fire pits, but also his web site is very clearly the work of an artist. The fire pits are made of 1/4" carbon steel and can be inherited by your great grandchildren. The company is based in Lebanon, Tennessee.
The web site is
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Ohio Flame


There is a very compelling story behind this American company in Columbiana, Ohio as told by founder Matt Skillman. It is the story of America's Rust Belt, once thriving with active steel mills, but devastated in the late 20th Century when the steel mills shut down putting thousand of hard working people of of work. Matt's company is part of a revival. He is focused on buying American made steel and building quality products that will last for generations.
The web site is
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Cowboy Cauldron


Founder Mike Bertelson built this company in Salt Lake City, Utah. Below in his words:

"After years in a white-collar world where nothing tangible was ever created, it was a life-changing experience the day someone saw the first Cauldron, walked up to me, and said, “That is the coolest thing I have ever seen. I would like to buy one from you.”

I vowed on that day that if someone was going to buy something from me it was going to be as good as I could make it, and that it would last. It isn’t easy. It requires everything from precision technology to brute force."

The web site is:
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Back Country Custom Fire Pits


Located in Colorado, this company makes very creative and long lasting fire pits. In the words of the founder and master craftsman:

"I grew up in the small town of Roxie, Mississippi. After relocating to larger cities and working in Corporate America, it dawned upon me that my underlying passion is to create art that brings families together. Isn’t that what the world needs – more enjoyable, memorable moments? A huge part of my childhood was spent watching my Uncle Julius Mason, the town’s Master Welder, work at his shop creating objects from wrought iron or steel. He forged metal pieces using tools to hammer, bend, and cut whatever the customer needed to make their life or job more functional. I developed a fondness and my curiosity peeked for learning how metals work, when heated, to be transformed into creating something spectacular."

The web site is:

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Breeo Smokeless Fire Pits


Breeo made its first smokeless fire pit in 2011. Since then the founders have expanded production in Lancaster County, PA, where the work ethic is strong, and reinvented the fire pit several times to end up with the versions they offer today.

I ordered a Breeo X Series 24 for testing and was immediately impressed with the sturdiness and the quality. The company runs a video ad on YouTube showing a major piece of earth moving equipment dropping heavy logs from a substantial height on a Breeo and on an import. The import is crushed to pieces, and the Breeo is fine. This fire pit is a wood burning machine, and it's smokeless.

The web site is
(.co not .com)
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Rough & Rigid Custom Fire Pits

Brad Easley and his wife, Dawn, were inspired to start a fire pit business after making one for a friend. From that point they grew a thriving full-time business making fire pits of 1/4" carbon steel. A unique feature of some of their fire pits is the ability to tilt. This makes it possible to direct the heat in one direction. The fire pit shown at right is named "the Duke" after John Wayne.
They also make a fire pit the call the "Outlaw" that hangs with three chains from a tripod.

The web site is:
Rough and Rigid fire pit shop
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Rough and Rigid fire pits
Rough and Rigid Outlaw
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HotSpot Fire Pits

Tim Odell has been making things from steel for more than a quarter of a century. When he saw people buying cheap stamped-metal fire pits from China, he knew he could make a better fire pit. Every fire pit maker has a style. Tim's style is quality craftsmanship and an outer ring that remains surprisingly cool. It is helpful for carrying the fire pit and also serves as a great way to rest and warm your feet on a cold day.
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Shown above is the 30" fire pit. Other sizes are 24", 36", 42" and 48". They stand on three legs and are made from carbon steel that is at least 3/16" thick. And, by the way, a 48" fire pit is huge, approaching bonfire scale.
The web site is:
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